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Monday, October 24, 2005

Buka puasa gathering @ Nelayan Titiwangsa

Hmm.. we were loud.
Laughing, talking, eating, catching up, snapping photos.. busy with the steamboat (with "Aku nak udang!" and "Aku nak ketam!") and food and drinks and kuih raya samples..

Eventhough we've said goodbye to secondary school life 11 years ago, it seemed like our teenage years were not too long ago..

* * *

Date: Monday 17th Oct 2005
Venue: Nelayan Titiwangsa (hehehe.. nak jugak dekat dengan sekolah!)

2 Moms & a girl :P  Posted by Picasa

Oii.. sibuk benar dengan cameraphone! Posted by Picasa

Lovely ladies.. hehehe  Posted by Picasa

Even more lovely ladies!
(Eh, can you guess which one is me?) Posted by Picasa

Err.. believe it or not, after Nelayan, we
made a move to Restoran Kg Pandan @ Jln
Yap Kwan Seng for teh tarik Posted by Picasa

More group photo Posted by Picasa

* * *

Yes, we DID have a teh tarik session right after the buka puasa at Nelayan Titiwangsa. And yours truly here even had some maggi goreng! (Hmm, and I thought I already ate A LOTTT masa kat Nelayan! Hehehehe, no wonder some had surprise looks on their faces when I ordered maggi goreng at the mamak restaurant!)

All in all.. it was definitely a blast that night. Hopefully we'll have more of such get-togethers in the future, yeah?

(OK Ta, we're supposed to have another buka puasa when our friend from US comes back, right? PLEASE confirm cecepat. hehe.. If it's this weekend, let me know! Boleh ler aku arrange transport ku hehe..)